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Little Owl Photography Hide.click to view

Little Owl, Athene noctua feeding a baby owlette in a bywat sign post, photographed at the Les Gibbon Little Owl photography hide, East Yorkshire.

Recently I have teamed up with fellow photographers, and together we have constructed a number of wildlife photography hides designed to get you up close to some of the UK’s most iconic wildlife. Last year our Little Owls successfully reared five owlets. All the action happened right in front of the photography hide giving our guests, and ourselves, an amazing experience as we all watched and photographed these fantastic birds. They were up and down all day long feeding their young and after fledging all the young came down too. This is one of the best locations in the country to build up a stunning portfolio of Little Owl images.

Tawny Owl Photography Hide and Flash Photography Workshops.click to view

Tawny Owl flying with a mouse in talons during the day - in daylight.

We had similar success with the Tawny Owls which, last year, fledged two owlets. This year we are running flash photography workshops. These sessions coincide with the Owls feeding their young shortly after nightfall. The birds visit the hide several times giving photographers lots of opportunity to build up a stunning portfolio of night-time images. We are on site to share with you our experience in setting up for a night shoot, focusing in the dark, how to use flash so as not to disturb the birds and lots more.

All these hides and workshops are aimed at both professionals, beginners and everyone in between.

In addition to this we offer photography tuition, talks, safaris and guided walks, teaching one to one and small groups – giving clients the opportunity to learn new photography skills in the great outdoors.

To book call Les on: 07971 546747 

or email: Les@hullnews.co.uk