Little Owlet Sand Bath video

Some footage taken last Summer by Chris Wray during a visit to the Little Owl Photo Hide. Hope you enjoy!

Buzzard on new DSLR camera trap – 19th Jan. 2018

Spent the last few weeks building and testing my new DSLR camera trap system. This picture of the Buzzard was one of my first captures taken deep inside the wood. Hopefully more to follow.

Great time to photograph the Tawny Owls

With the last of the warm summer nights this is a great time to photograph the Tawny Owls down at our woodland hide. The birds are visiting the perches shortly after sunset each evening. I will be on hand to give guiding help regarding lighting etc if needed. If anyone is interested in a session […]

Owlets enjoying the good weather – 17th July 2017

Its been a great year for the Little Owls and now the owlets are out enjoying the good weather. There are six owls all successfully hatched and branched. The birds are visiting the hide every evening, these pictures are were taken last night. If anyone would like to book the hide please contact me on […]

Little Owl Owlets are visiting the hide – 3rd July 2017

The adult Little Owls have done a great job rearing their chicks this year and, finally, the Owlets are visiting the hide. This is the best time of year for anyone looking to get some fantastic pictures of these stunning birds. Here are some taken a few days ago.    

Little Owl Owlets starting to branch – 5th June 2017

All six Little Owl chicks are doing well including the last one to hatch who, so far fingers crossed, has managed to survive. They were seen branching for the first time last Friday and today all six were out branching around the nest box. It will only be a couple of days before they will […]

New Little Owl Hide – 10th May 2017

We spent last weekend recycling an old shed and converting it into our new Little Owl hide. It is suitable for three photographers and features a solar panel which runs the video cameras and monitor that allows visitors to view the birds inside the nesting chamber – its amazing.

Little Owl chicks hatch – 7th May 2017

We have just had a fantastic weekend down at the Little Owl photography hide. To our amazement five of the chicks hatched between Friday and Saturday and we managed to catch it all on video. I’ll try and edit a short film and upload it to youtube in the mean time here is a photograph […]

Little Owl lays six eggs – 15th April 2017

I checked the camera in the Little Owl nest box and to my amazement she is now sat on six eggs. I’m not sure if this is a record but according to all the books the average is three to four. Fingers crossed for a great season of photography for once they hatch the adult […]

Little Owls lay their first egg for 2017

Last winter we spend several freezing days fitting mini video cameras to the Little Owl Boxes and after checking the cameras on Saturday it quickly became apparent that the Little Owls have laid their first egg – what a result! Fingers crossed for more.