New nest boxes for the new year – 2nd Jan. 2019

Happy New Year to all. Its been a busy time down on the farm. We have repaired and cleaned out a few of the old boxes ready for the new season. The local rodents have chewed their way through the video cables, why I do not know, which we have now replaced. Best of all […]

Owlet visiting hide – 14th July 2018

The Owlet has just started to visit the hide. I captured these pictures yesterday evening. The young one even managed a snooze on the post.

Little Owl Photography £20 discount for July 2018

We are offering a £20 discount to any photographers booking the Little Owl hide in July. The adults are feeding their baby owlet which is still encamped high up in the oak tree.

Two Owlets still in the nest box – 30th May 2018

Our three Little Owl Owlets are now down to two, we think due to the weather, one day its really hot followed by poor conditions. Three of the six eggs failed to hatch for the first time since we have been monitoring the birds with nest cameras, this is almost certainly due the the ‘beast […]

Tawny Owl hunting during the day – 22nd May 2018

The resident Tawny Owls have successfully reared one owlet and are out hunting during the late afternoon early evening. This is the only time of year that they come down to the woodland hide to feed during the day. The rest of the year we have to use flash.

Little Owl Chicks have hatched – 12th May 2018

The Little Owl chicks have started to hatch two weeks later than last year. For anyone who would like to get some flight shots the next few weeks is the best time of year. The parent birds will be visiting the feeding station for hours trying to keep on top of the Owlets appetites before […]

Eurasian Eagle Owl, Yorkshire – April 2018

I’m no twitcher, however this is one bird that I have always wanted to see wild in the UK – the Eurasian Eagle Owl. This one is living in Yorkshire and appears to have no rings or any other signs of ever been a captive bird. I know these birds are very controversial but in […]

Sixth Little Owl egg laid – 18th April 2018

18th April 2018 The Little Owl has surrprised us all and laid another egg, taking her clutch to a  grand total of six – amazing!

Fifth Little Owl Egg laid on 15th April 2018

The Little Owl laid her fifth egg on the 15th April 2018. She is now incubating them with the male regularly visiting the nest chamber with food supplies.

Fourth Little Owl Egg laid on 13th April 2018

The average clutch size for Little Owls is 3 – 4 eggs which puts our pair at the top end of this scale as they have just laid their fourth egg. We have some mild weather on its way so once again fingers crossed!