Tawny Owl Photography Hide & Flash Photography Workshops


Tawny Owl, Strix aluco, landing on a post

We have a pair of resident Tawny Owls that regularly visit their favourite perches. If you are after a great picture for your portfolio we can get you close to the birds, with lighting, that will give you an amazing image of these elusive birds.

The owl comes in around sunset and stays for a feed before flying off to be replaced by its partner. They are wild birds so obviously things can change.

During the breading season the birds regularly return to the hide as they are feeding their young.

Flash Photography Workshops

The evening session starts about 2 hours before sunset. This time is used to get the cameras and lights set up. Using mini cameras we have night vision on the perches in order to monitor the birds movements. This gives the photographer great views and helps with the timing of picture taking – its a unique experience.

Once the owls have left we take down the gear and make our retreat.

I can help you with all the camera and flash settings providing you are using a DSLR. The flash gear is part of the deal but extra camera and lenses are available for hire.

Tawny Owl with mouse

Tawny Owl with mouse


Tawny Owl 01 (Strix aluco)


Tawny Owl hide – £95 per person per day.

Two or three photographers booking together – £75 each

To book email:


or call Les on: 07971 546747